Sooji Halwa

Sooji Halwa Recipe


Sooji- 1 cup

Sugar – 1 cup

Water- 1/2 cup

Dessicated coconut- 1/2 cup

Cardomom seeds ground- 1/4 tsp

Oil/ Ghee- 1/4 cup

Almond/pistachios- to garnish


1. Put the water and sugar to boil until its thick.

2. Roast the sooji  in half of the ghee until fragrant. Make sure u keep stirring on low heat to prevent burning. It changes color when its done.

3.  While stirring, add in the coconut, cardomom powder, the sugar syrup and the rest of the ghee.

4. Keep stirring until the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.

5. Dish it out on a flat greased dish and spread it out to an inchs thickness.

6. Sprinkle almond and pistachios.

7. Leave it to set for 10 minutes and then cut into cubes.

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